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The Ferti-Gator® system is a bypass-type pumped venturi fertiliser injection system to accurately proportion chemicals into an irrigation system. It is recipe driven, ensuring the integrity of chemical ratios, and allows for EC and pH control and even have volumetric modes to “dump” fertiliser. As most fertiliser injection platforms, it also comes with an alarm […]

The Gator WI-series of water meters are designed to measure moderately dirty to dirty water, making it ideal for metering of irrigation water. Measurement takes place through a blade-wheel that is installed at the top of the flow path, allowing for virtually unrestricted flow through the meter. This allows for measurement of high volumes of […]

This document covers basic practical installation considerations regarding extra low and low voltage power supply to control devices, as well as control and monitoring circuits from such devices to extra low voltage auxiliary equipment with the aim to mitigate potential problems. Click on the below link to read entire article.

The Gator Multi-Set Point VSD Interface is a market leading innovation that easily integrates Gator VSDs with stand-alone type irrigation control systems (e.g. Gator 2000 or any other standard third party irrigation controller). The Gator Multi-Set Point VSD Interface allows for easy on-site setup of up to twelve separate pre-set set points (usually pressure, but […]

Ever wished that there was a simple solution to your unique automation requirements? A single solution to replace the 5 timer relays that keep on giving you hassles? Maybe no-one “gets” you or it is “impossible”. Well, have you considered micro-PLCs as a possible economical, flexible solution to your problem? Irri-Gator Products has years of […]

Many of our clients have made serious investments in to their irrigation control system/s and in particular Gator field radio modules. To offer additional protection to the Gator radio modules we have introduced the Gator Hood. This economical product is a plastic cover that slides seamlessly onto the existing radio modules stainless steel mounting brackets […]

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