About Us

IRRI-GATOR Products was established in 2003 with the objective of providing a range of affordable, quality and durable irrigation products for use in turf, landscaping and agricultural irrigation applications.

We manufacture a range of proprietary products and distribute products sourced from leading international manufacturers.

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We specialize in irrigation system automation and control. We regard ourselves as leaders in this arena with more than 30 years of experience. With literally thousands of systems using our telemetry products in operation on more than 5 continents around the globe. We offer solutions from the most simplistic system to larger more complex systems. We place a growing emphasis on energy saving and offer integrated pump controls into our automation and control systems. We also provide stand alone type pump motor control solutions where needed.

Our range of products include: irrigation controllers, PC based irrigation control systems, wireless switching and monitoring equipment, GSM cellular telephone controllers, wifi and ethernet controllers, loggers and web services, hydraulic control valves, variable speed drives and soft starter motor control panels.

IRRI-GATOR is a wholly owned South African company with its head office located in Cape Town and regional office’s in Pretoria and Nelspruit, with satellite office’s in Kimberley and Port Elizabeth. The company markets and distributes its products through international and local irrigation dealers. Our products are supported at end user level by fully trained and qualified staff, providing peace of mind to the serious irrigation system manager.

We are renowned for our unsurpassed infield technical support service and pride ourselves on being one of a few companies that can truly say we stand by our products through thick and thin. Those that are using our products and services will bear witness to this.