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Ever wished that there was a simple solution to your unique automation requirements? A single solution to replace the 5 timer relays that keep on giving you hassles? Maybe no-one “gets” you or it is “impossible”. Well, have you considered micro-PLCs as a possible economical, flexible solution to your problem? Irri-Gator Products has years of […]

Many of our clients have made serious investments in to their irrigation control system/s and in particular Gator field radio modules. To offer additional protection to the Gator radio modules we have introduced the Gator Hood. This economical product is a plastic cover that slides seamlessly onto the existing radio modules stainless steel mounting brackets […]

With the escalating costs of grid supplied electricity becoming a reality in South Africa we are often asked about using solar energy as a source of power for water pumping systems. The truth is that solar energy systems remain a costly capital investment and when compared against the current grid supplied electricity tariffs, it remains largely […]