Persistent Point to Point Radio Modules

The Gator Point to Point Radio Modules allows for the remote switching of up to two independent input / output (I/O) channels. The Transmitter is equipped with two digital inputs which can be connected to any switching device such as simple switch, electrical contactor / relay, float switch, etc. When an input is triggered on the transmitter it will broadcast a radio signal containing the input status.

One or more Gator G5 radio receiver modules can be installed at the device location/s to be remotely controlled. Each Gator G5 radio receiver can handle up to 2 outputs corresponding to the inputs on the transmitter. On receipt of the broadcast signal from the transmitter the G5 receiver module will activate or de-activate the corresponding output thus switching the remote device on or off.


With a range of up to 5 kilometres line of sight with standard antennae.

Useful in many irrigation and water automation applications such as –

• Starting and stopping of remotely located primary / booster pumps.

• Opening and closing of remotely located supply valves.

• Remote control of valves in applications such as reservoir filling.

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