Gator 2000

Gator 2000Gator 2000_01Gator 2000_03The Gator 2000 irrigation field controller is a powerful processor based irrigation field computer offering immense flexibility using a simple user friendly interface and software program. The Gator 2000 can be used as a stand alone unit or one or more units can be linked through a network to a personal computer allowing full programming and data retrieval from a central location.Modular plug-in output and input cards allow a diverse range of control options and the ability to custom build every control system economically. This irrigation management tool is ideal for open field, turf, landscaping, nursery and greenhouse applications.

Main Features
  • Five totally independent user definable irrigation systems (heads) each consisting of: a main water pump, a main valve, up to 10 filters, 2 fertilizer pumps and 32 irrigation valves. Each Gator 200 offers 128 user definable outputs and 32 user definable inputs.
  • The activation of output devices such as valves, pumps, filters, etc. Using hard-wire, hydraulics, wireless control or any combination of these formats.
  • Application and control of irrigation and fertigation / chemigation on a volumetric or time bases or using any combination thereof.
  • 85 available daily start times per system.
  • 3 separate water and fertilizer programs for each irrigation valve.
  • Advanced windows software for central control incorporating automatic system scheduling.
  • and many more…..

Gator 2000 Installed

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