iGator PC Based Control System

FarmeriGator is a revolutionary PC based irrigation control system offering almost limitless flexibility in system control and monitoring. This system is suitable for use on farms, golf courses, sport complexes, housing estates and other turf / landscaping applications. Developed to control and monitor permanent set irrigation systems such as micro and drip irrigation in orchards and vineyards, sprinkler irrigation on pastures, cash crops and turf as well as center pivot control systems.

The system makes use of a dedicated personal computer which has the iGator proprietary software installed. The system is modular allowing equipment to be added to either expand the system or to introduce additional functionality. Irrigation can be time based control or volumetric based control if additional back indication equipment is installed to monitor flow meters. An internet connected PC allows for remote desktop control allowing the system operator access to the system from literally anywhere. Logs and reports are generated by the system to aid in providing improved system management.

Outputs such as valves, filters and pumps can be controlled using hardwired connections or by making use of a Gator wireless system incorporating the popular Gator G4.0 radio receiver modules. Remote pump-house control and fertigation control modules can be added to the system using a hard wire or a wireless network. These modules allow for advanced control of pumps and fertigation equipment and provide back indication of water meters, fertilizer meters and other sensors such as pressure switches or even transducers readings.

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