Junior PC Based Control System

PC01The Gator PC Junior irrigation control system makes use of any conventional personal computer (which could be your home computer) pre-loaded with specialized irrigation control software. The PC is interfaced to a Gator SDR radio transmitter allowing system outputs such as pumps, filters, valves, etc. to be activated using a wireless signal.

The system is time based only, is ideal for small residential or farm applications as well as smaller sport and commercial landscape applications.

Main Features
  • Supports one irrigation system with up to 128 outputs (stations)
  • 1 irrigation pump and 1 system main valve
  • 7 irrigation programs supporting 10 irrigation start times each day of the week and 32 irrigation steps per program
  • Each irrigation cycle (step) can be performed in minutes or seconds
  • Each irrigation step (cycle) can activate up to 10 irrigation valves to operate simultaneously
  • Water budgeting in % per irrigation cycle or global budgeting for all irrigation stations
  • Irrigation programs can be looped for hot house pulse irrigation
  • Many other features….
PC Junior System

How the System Works

A conventional PC is loaded with the Gator PC Junior irrigation software. A Gator SDR radio transmitter unit is installed outside the structure / building on a high point and is connected to the PC’s serial port (PC must have a RS232 serial port). The irrigation program is setup within the software and the PC will carry out system starts and stops at the programmed times (your PC must remain on permanently).

The Gator SDR radio transmitter sends a series of codes over the air. The estimated coverage for this system is 0.5 kilometers with a good quality dipole antennae. Systems requiring shorter distances of no more than 100 meters in radius can use a conventional low cost stubby antennae.

A battery operated Gator receiver module (such as the unit in the alongside image) capable of independently controlling from one up to four outputs (valves or relays) is located at the position of the device/s to be controlled (valve/s, pump/s, etc.) within the control system. Each receiver module is set with its own unique address and will only activate or de-activate the device if this address is detected in the airwaves.

Contact Us or download the product brochure here. Download the Gator PC Junior software (freeware) here.