Ever wished that there was a simple solution to your unique automation requirements? A single solution to replace the 5 timer relays that keep on giving you hassles? Maybe no-one “gets” you or it is “impossible”.

Well, have you considered micro-PLCs as a possible economical, flexible solution to your problem?x_Logic

Irri-Gator Products has years of experience in system integration using the Rievtech/Easy range of micro-PLCs. The units use Function Block Programming (FBP) and are also relatively easy to learn. Programming / Simulation software is freely available and you do not even need to purchase a PLC in order to program and test your logic.

Basic units come with 4 relay outputs, 8 inputs, of which 4 can be analogue (0-10V) or all 8 can be digital. Have a 4-20mA sensor? Not a problem, conversion to 0-10V can be done with a 500 Ohm resistor and on-board software scaling.

Even thex_Messenger most basic unit comes with a serial port that allows Modbus RTU communication, but the sky is the limit since we also have models available that are GSM and/or WIFI enabled. This allows remote control and logging, as well as interfacing with various other types of equipment.

Some solutions that we have provided include:

  • Tank level control with automatic pump start for refill using an analogue sensor (such aIMG_9355 lows a diver in the tank) allowing the user to set the trigger levels. On various sites, this application has been set up to use GSM and WIFI to communicate either directly to remote pumps or via WIFI to a centralized SCADA or HMI interface.
  • Pipeline pressure control with automatic valve activation using and analogue sensor (such as a pressure transducer on the pipeline) allowing the user to set the trigger pressures to open or close the valve.
  • Pipeline volume control with automatic pump stepping (VSDs/Soft Starters/Star Delta Starters) as demand increase or decrease. This function usually include duty cycling.
  • Constant pressure supply systems with sleep/wake functionality.
  • Ruraflex timer with automatic pump start and featuring user selectable pumping periods. Additional features can be added such as automated daily pump start times, monitoring of no flow, etc.
  • Proportional fertigation controller that activates a fertilizer valve/pump based on water meter counts and injects fertilizer based on fertilizer meter counts. Multiple fertilizer systems can operate off one controller and values can be adjusted by the system operator.DSC_0028
  • HVAC or water filter flush controller that can activate a filter flush program from an external input such as a differential pressure switch. Flush times or conditions can be modified by the system operator.
  • Greenhouse climate control system with temperature and/or humidity control of fans, curtains, heating and wet walls.
  • Misting controller for propagation greenhouses, affording the ability to give misting pulses in units of seconds.
  • Frost protection systems.
  • Industrial humidifier process control systems.

Please contact us with your unique automation problem and we will create something that does not exist… yet.