Hydraulic Control Valves

Gator W Series hydraulic control valves are weir type single chamber control valves designed with simplicity in mind, without compromising on operational versatility.

Tried and tested mechanical materials and engineering design concepts have been introduced into the product making it both durable and reliable in performance.

This range of valves can be used in typical industrial, waterworks and irrigation applications.

Valves 2x

  • Offering sound hydraulic performance with improved flow dynamics resulting in a quiet and smooth water flow during operation
  • Minimum head loss and low pressure required to operate the valve
  • Manufactured from durable and rugged raw materials along with minimal moving parts, provides years of reliable service
  • Versatile and adaptable for almost any operating application
  • Numerous operating functions such as: Manual, Electrical, Pressure Reducing, Pressure Sustaining, Remote Control as well as numerous other control combinations
  • Suitable to handle various types of different liquids including, slurry’s and abrasive liquids


Available in various configurations, sizes and end connections as per the table below

Supported by a complete range of peripheral accessories and control devices including, brass and plastic pilot valves, hydraulic relays, solenoid valves, brass and plastic fittings, mechanical throttles, etc.



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