Hydraulic Fittings and Accessories

We provide a comprehensive range of hydraulic fittings and accessories (as listed below) to support the Gator W Series hydraulic control valves.

Plastic Hydraulic Fittings

A complete range of plastic hydraulic fittings manufactured from high quality UV stabilized engineering plastics.




















Brass Fittings

An assortment of brass threaded fittings in 1/8″ and 1/4″ including sockets, tees, bushes, etc.







Finger Filters

Brass finger filters in short (suitable for DN25 to DN80 valves) and long format (suitable for DN80 to DN200 valves) and in sizes 1/4″fbsp x 1/4″mbsp and 1/8″fbsp x 1/4″mbsp.

Finger_Filt_Long                              Finger_Filt_Short


3 Position 2 Way Valves (Sagiv)

Brass 3 position 2 way valves with 3 x 1/8″fbsp ports and available in 1/4″mbsp and 1/8″mbsp common ports.


Mechanical Throttles

Two sizes of mechanical throttles. Small for DN25, DN40, DN50 and DN65 valves and large for DN80 and DN100 valves.