RX Module HoodMany of our clients have made serious investments in to their irrigation control system/s and in particular Gator field radio modules. To offer additional protection to the Gator radio modules we have introduced the Gator Hood. This economical product is a plastic cover that slides seamlessly onto the existing radio modules stainless steel mounting brackets providing an umbrella type covering. Manufactured from UV stabilized plastics the hood offers the following advantage –

Hood Mounting Points

  • Protects the radio module from being exposed to direct sun.
  • Provides an air layer between the radio module and the hood thus lowering the modules temperature.
  • Prevents birds from perching on the radio module and defecating on the module. This contains acids which get washed into the quick-fit plug causing corrosion when the hood is not in place.
  • With the hood in place the battery compartment plug is not exposed and therefore cannot be removed as easily preventing unwanted tampering of the module.