Motor Control Panels

Pump_Panels_03At Irri-Gator Products we design and build motor control panels incorporating the Senlan range of variable speed drives. We produce a range of standard single motor application panels to more complex multiple pump motor control panels for custom applications.

With more than 1,000 installations in operation around Southern Africa, our in-house design team understand pumping systems and have years of experience to custom design motor control panels for almost any application. Panels aPump_Panels_02re built by qualified panel builders in accordance with local electrical regulation and include important aspects such as adequate air ventilation, correct wire sizing, correct terminal sizing, etc. We are able to offer add on features such as remote system control and monitoring, fully automated priming, inter
pump station wireless control and numerous other features.

We also design fully integrated energy saving systems such as P2P (pivot to pump) control systems to unlock energy savings on undulating topography by providing automatic real time system pressure adjustment based on the pressure required by the center pivot based on current location. Our motor control panels can also be integrated in our iGator irrigation control system allowing for the most accurate pressure adjustment during the irrigation process thus saving on energy consumption. No other control system offers this feature.

We offer a range of solar powered pump motor control panels that make use of solar photo voltaic panels as the source of power.


Senlan SB70G 630 kW VSD in cabinet

Solar Pumping

7.5kW solar PV pumping system


Controls for 2 x 37kW & 2 x 75kW pumps


Controls for 2 x 37kW pumps


Controls for 3 x 160kW multistage pumps









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