G5.0 Wireless Products


A G5.0 RX module mounted in the field

G4 RX ModuleThe Gator G5.0 radio receiver module is a simple battery powered electronic device that provides for the remote switching of any electrical (pumps, fans, heater elements, etc) or hydraulic device (valves, cylinders, rams, etc) using wireless communications.

The Gator G5.0 Rx module has been designed to make optimum use of the battery’s life and has been packaged to withstand the harshest environmental elements.  The module is available in either a 2 line variant (controls up to 2 devices) or a 4 line variant (controls up to 4 devices). Making use of one direction communications, this product is simple yet super reliable.

With more than 100,000 radio receiver switching modules deployed in more than 5 continents, the Gator G5.0 radio receiver module has truly become the global benchmark of radio switching receiver devices for irrigation control. Customers from around the world have integrated the Gator G5.0 into their own control products and installed them on numerous irrigation projects. Renowned companies such as Galcon, Netafim, Jain Irrigation, INTA, Gal Italia, Aqua Management, Irri-Gator and several others make use of the G4.0  Rx modules in their systems.

Why use radio control?

Radio controlled systems offer several advantages over conventional hard wire controlled systems:

  • Damage to equipment by lightning is less likely to occur
  • System installation is cheaper and simpler
  • Locating and repairing faulty wiring is omitted
  • Less vandalism and theft of infield wires and equipment
  • Huge advancements in radio technology in the past 15 years have made it possible to produce simple reliable products
  • Overall system costs are cheaper than conventional 2 wire decoder systems or 24 VAC systems
  • Systems are flexible and can be added or altered without major disruption to playing services, road, paving, etc

A G5.0 Rx Module Controlling a Cluster of 2 Valves

How the system works

The Gator G5.0 receiver module is programmed with a system output number and unique system address using a hand held programmer (HHP).

Control devices such as relays and solenoid valves are linked to the Gator G5.0 receiver module.

Coded data is transmitted from a central control system. This data contains information as to which outputs within the system are to be “On” or “Off”.

During normal operation, the Gator G5.0 receiver module is continually scanning the airwaves for a signal that coincides with its unique system address and system output number.

On receipt of a signal the Gator G5.0 radio receiver module will activate or deactivate the devices it controls dependent on the instruction transmitted from the control system.

At Irri-Gator we offer various types of irrigation control systems and utility management (including electrical load management) systems that work with the G5.0 series radio receiver modules. See products such as the Gator 2000, iGator®, PC Junior, Utility Manager, Utility Manager Pro and various other control systems


Main Features

  • No mains power required as the module make use of a long life Lithium Chloride battery providing 3 years of power on average. No mains also means a more stable power supply resulting in better reliability.
  • Totally waterproof and UV stabilized enclosure allowing the module to be installed in the outdoor environs.
  • Up to 4 independent channels allowing the control of 4 separate devices
  • Equipped with an LED to determine if the module has power and another to establish if radio signal is being received.
  • User programmable using the Hand Held Programmer providing ease of installation and maintenance.
  • Optional Hand Held Remote is available to activate an output using a low power radio signal to override the main system. Can be used to initiate a syringe cycle.

For added module protection that will provided an extended life expectancy of the module we suggest to use the Gator RF module HOOD.

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RX Module Hood