Bi-Directional Point to Point Radio Modules

Gator Bi-Directional Point to Point Radio Modules are independent modules that can be wirelessly linked to perform the switching of remote devices or over the air transmission of flow meter pulses. 

Supports 2 I/O channels per transmitter, with a range of up to 5 kilometres line of sight with standard antennae

Useful in many irrigation and water automation applications such as –

• Starting and stopping of primary / booster irrigation pumps.

• The filling of tanks from borehole pumps for stock watering or domestic consumption.

• Remote switching of pumps from a centre pivot irrigation system thus reducing the need for travelling between the pump and pivot and preventing the need to lay extra control cables between theses points.

• Remote control of valves in applications such as reservoir filling.

• Over the air transfer of flow meter pulses to allow for the reading of flow meters that are located remotely.

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