Water Meters

The Gator WI-series of water meters are designed to measure moderately dirty to dirty water, making it ideal for metering of irrigation water.

Measurement takes place through a blade-wheel that is installed at the top of the flow path, allowing for virtually unrestricted flow through the meter. This allows for measurement of high volumes of water with negligible head losses and at the same time prevents clogging. The blade-wheel mechanism’s movement is transmitted magnetically to a hermetically sealed register, limiting the amount of moving parts in contact with the measured medium.

Some key features setting the Gator WI-series of water meters apart from its competitors include:

  • Standard registers are ready to accept electronic reed switches (EPCs/EVs).
  • Each electronic reed switch has two pickups making it possible to share the reading between two devices that share a common power supply.
  • Each register has two electronic reed switch slots for different pulse ratios, e.g. 10/1000, 100/1000 or 1000/10000.
  • It is possible to install two electronic reed switches simultaneously, saving the cost of an expensive pulse splitter.
  • Water meters up to DN200 (8”) comes with dual drilled flanges: BS4504 PN16 as well as BS10 Table D. This generic approach makes it possible to fit the same meter into a 10 bar or 16 bar system without having to stock two different models.

Gator WI-series water meters are often used in conjunction with Irri-Gator Product’s range of automation products including: the iGator™ Irri-gation Control System, the Ferti-Gator™ range of ferti-gation machines, as well our cloud-based water meter logging system.

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